OMG I Want To Rent This House: La Poderina, Siena 

 It would be a travesty to leave Tuscany without having tasted every single one of its most exceptional vintages.

La Poderina, Siena, Italy: Vacationing these days is all about the destination quarantine—finding that perfect place where you and your loved ones can hole up in luxury and escape any dastardly variants that dare to show their spiked faces. The perfect holiday home this winter has that special combination of extreme comfort, stylish surroundings, and enough indulgences to make you feel like an untouchable queen in a faraway palace. It is a house like La Poderina, perched in the Tuscan hills just outside of Siena.

About those fabulous grounds—crafted by award-winning landscape artist Luciano Giubbilei, the natural environment of La Poderina is a veritable Italian Garden of Eden. A classic grove of olive trees? Of course. (The owner produces his own spicy olive oil). Beautifully manicured gardens with charming plants? You shouldn’t even have to ask. (On your rambles, spot the antique roses, rosemary bushes, verbena, and much more.). A little crop of woods to call your own? That’s a weird question to ask, but you are living like a queen, so the answer is “Si!”

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