Venice’s World-famous Carnival Celebration Is Finally Back

Here’s What It’s Like to Attend.

“According to Venetian officials, Carnival — the elaborate two-week celebration before the start of Lent — was always going ahead this year, after last year’s cancellation. However, on the street, it was another story. In the weeks leading up to the annual Carnival season, running from Feb. 12 to March 1 this year in accordance with the Christian calendar, travel rules and restrictions for both visitors and locals were changing nearly by the week, if not the day, and it seemed like no one — hotels, party organizers, tourists (including this one) — was sure that it was actually going to happen. This is how, two weeks before I was supposed to leave for Venice, I ended up frantically contacting private travel consultant extraordinaire and Italy expert Merrion Charles, begging for last-minute advice. As the go-to Italian fixer for A-listers such as Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Coldplay, Merrion immediately came to the rescue and put me in touch with one of the city’s best guides — the born and bred Venetian, Giorgia Chiozzi.”

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